Executive Headhunting

Many of our clients use us to headhunt specific staff that they have identified. Working with you, we are able to successfully headhunt the right candidate to join your organisation.

We are extremely proactive using various methods to find the most suitable candidates. We may even have access to candidates whose careers we have kept track of.

Why headhunting?

Headhunting is also sometimes referred to as ‘Search’ or ‘Executive Search’. If you have a senior or potentially sensitive vacancy or it’s likely that your ideal candidate is currently employed and may not actively be looking for change, then this is probably the route for you.

Headhunting generally requires a far greater investment in time than traditional recruitment. It typically starts with Sarah spending time understanding your requirements in detail, including your company culture, likely candidate attributes and experience, specific information about the role and your potential competitors.

For more information, please contact Sarah direct on 01782 616556 or email sarah@zebraconsultancy.co.uk